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Divi Ajax Search brings you the tools that make searching fast, efficient and beautiful.

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Three search layouts for highlighting results

Use any of the three dynamic layouts to showcase search results effectively with the Divi Ajax Search plugin. Choose from single or multiple-column options, masonry styling, scrollbar functionality, pagination, and control over excerpt length. Optimize your search experience effortlessly.

Layout 1

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Layout 2

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Layout 3

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Utilize Divi Ajax Search on your WooCommerce store to find and display products with product details for a seamless product search experience. Users can use the customized See All Results Link to explore the extensive search results. Provide them with previous and next pagination links so they can easily and quickly browse through the results. Display search results stylishly in dynamic Masonry grid format.

Search Area

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Choose what you want to display in the search results

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Choose options to search in taxonomies, product attributes and SKU

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A Smart Solution to Incorporate Search On Divi Website

Deploy Divi Ajax Search plugin on your website today to boost user experience and make navigation easier.

Set different column numbers for different devices with responsive support

Design your search field as you want

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